Etiquette and Social skills are two of the most important skills one can posses in order to live a wonderful and fulfilling life. It does not matter what age or stage you are in life, having good manners will serve to open doors for you that may otherwise remain shut.

The basics of etiquette can be taught as early as one understands the concept of saying please and thank you. I have seen mere toddlers learn this concept, proving that you are never to young ( or to old) to learn the basics of civility. Most of what you need to learn about etiquette was taught to you as a child at home, taking courses provide an expansion of the knowledge you already posses and allows you to be prepared and comfortable in any private or social setting.

Etiquette Helps Create Memorable Family Moments

Etiquette Keys to Success builds upon the foundation of proper etiquette and serves to empower and build confidence in its’ clients. Our students walk away equipped with lessons that they will use throughout their lives to build positive relationships, contribute to society as socially responsible citizens and to live a life afforded to those with respectable mannerisms.

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Meet Our Instructor  

Alerice Hendfield Duncanson is a graduate of the prestigious American School of Protocol in Atlanta, Georgia and an affiliate of the National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals.

Etiquette Keys to Success was born out of my desire to help others navigate the waters that lead to self-discovery. I have always had a passion for all things etiquette, as I do believe that etiquette holds the keys to success. Whether in business, personal affairs or in school; proper protocol and basic common courtesy can set you apart from the competition.

Along with life skills training, Coaching allows individuals to have someone come alongside them and cheer them on to achieve goals that will lead them to a life of purpose and ultimate pleasure.

I am excited to be working with children as we can give them the foundational skills that will help them avoid many pitfalls. Children will learn skills that will build self-confidence and increase self-esteem which often leads to social and academic success. By learning key skills such as self-presentation, public speaking and dining etiquette, students will have an etiquette advantage that sets them apart from their peers.

Strategies to Raise Your Child With Purpose

I am also the author of the Amazon Best Selling etiquette book for children, Zion the Mannerly Lion. Zion the Mannerly Lion allows parents to have conversations with their children that introduces them to the concept of social skills and social safety. It helps children to identify and report bullies, it teaches children about friendships, values, social safety, inclusion and sharing.

“Etiquette and social skills are important elements in the cognitive development of children. These skills are also important in the success of any business, academia or professional endeavors.  I started Etiquette Keys to Success because I wanted to give our children a head start on those skills that are so vital to their growth as well rounded, productive, contributors of the community.”~Alerice Hendfield Duncanson

But it’s not only children that can benefit from the essential skills taught at Etiquette Keys to Success. The company also partners with parents and other professionals in a collaborative effort to restore the lost art of civility. Adults can access services such as: life skills coaching, etiquette for entrepreneurs, dining etiquette and more.

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