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Principles of Wealth Building

The Widow’s Oil-4 Steps to Launch a Successful Business and Become Debt Free

Principles of Wealth Building

The Widow’s Oil-4 Steps to Launch a Successful Business and Become Debt Free. In the book of 2 Kings 4:1-7 we find seven scriptures that provide perhaps one of the clearest blueprints for wealth building in the bible. Most of us know the story of the widow, whose husband had been one of the God fearing sons of the prophet; was in debt to the creditors, I would venture to say that she stayed up many nights pouring over her budget and wondering how as a single mother she would/could prevent her sons from being taken from her. She had lost her husband and now she is about to lose her sons. What would become of her, in those days there was no womens rights movement, no equal rights initiative, essentially -being without her husband and sons left her open to rely solely on the kindness of others for sustenance. Her number one need was to become debt free. She needed to create a way of escape so that her sons would escape a lifetime of servitude (oppression). Undoubtedly she would have made prayers and petitions for God to come to her rescue and defense. She may have recalled the Psalm of King David where he proclaims that he has never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread ( Ps 37:25) notice she prefaced her request to the prophet Elisha by saying that her husband was righteous before the Lord. Please note that as a result of her request the prophet did not call down from heaven and ask God to rain down pennies from heaven (he could have -God is able), he asked her a question that caused her to check stock of her life.

What do you have in your house?

The question was not for him, he was a prophet-he already knew. The question was for her, in order for her to reflect introspectively on her life.

Upon reflection she said I have nothing save…a little oil.Save: synonyms with, except or but.I have nothing but…..How many of you are praying for a revelation on what your gifts and talents are, or what God has hidden in your house or hidden in you, you are praying for the revelation of what Gods plan or the purpose of your life is….what do you have in your house?

And you are saying I have nothing but…

I don’t have a college degree BUT……..I like to write.

I don’t have any talents BUT……………. I am a pretty good cook.

I don’t have any gifts BUT……..I like to make my own hair products.

Once the widow completed her ‘but’ statement, once she identified her vehicle of deliverance, the prophet gave her 4 steps to launch her business. Yes what she did was launch a business that led to financial freedom!

The prophet advised her to do the following 2 Kings 4:3 -4 Borrow vessels Shut the door Pour into all the vessels Go , Sell the Oil, Pay thy Debt, Live off the Rest.And her is the key, the widow did all that the prophet told her to do.I know that there are so many of us that can relate to this widow, our situation may not be as dire, but we want/ need more wealth.

We need a way to escape the cycles of poverty that we experience, we want to know how we can be blessed by the Lord.

My dear friends, its time for you to uncover what’s in your house. You have prayed and fasted, now it’s time to claim the promises of God for your life.

Finish this statement , I have nothing but____________. Lady Alerice

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