Why Your Affirmations Are Not Working

Prior to my introduction to the new age doctrine, I was not familiar with the term manifestation via the practice of affirmations. Growing up in the church, I had always been taught that if you pay your tithes, joyfully (2 Cor 2:9) ; God will open the windows of Heaven, and pour me out a blessing that I would not have enough room to receive it (Malachi 3:10 paraphrased). 

So I paid my tithes, gave my offering often when I could not really “afford” to, and while God had/has always provided all that I needed, I was not experiencing the overflow that I was expecting based on the word of God. I believed according to Numbers 23:19 that it is impossible for God to lie, and was convinced that his word is true, so I could not understand why the promised blessing had yet to manifest in my life. Consequently when the idea of visualization, affirmation and manifestation was presented to me, I thought to myself that this must be the missing piece to the puzzle. This must be the key to unlock the door to the window of Heaven, where my blessings were being held.

I wanted to know everything there was in order to bring the blessings to fruition, so I read every book I could get my hands on, I watched every video I could find on various types of meditation, mind control, visualization, metaphysics and even underwent hypnosis.  Each practice yielding a small measure of success, only to be followed by situations that would make me seek out more Knowledge and take me deeper and deeper into occult practices. <-Yet again another story for another day.

Eventually my journey took me to a place where feelings of oppression, feelings of depression and truly God’s grace and mercy woke me up to the possibility that even though the practices and belief system that I had now adopted may have seemed harmless and good. They were in fact the opposite of Godly. I was the quintessential example of the person spoken of in 2 Timothy 3:2-5, I was a lover of money,proud, abusive, unholy,ungrateful,brutal-I had a form of godliness, (most of these books I mentioned earlier espoused biblical principles) but did not give God the glory.

But I digress, we were talking about why your affirmations are not working?

Lets, start  with the word itself, to Affirm means to state as a fact; assert strongly and publicly. If you are using affirmations under the premise that you will keep repeating words or phrases until your subconscious or superconscious accepts your lie as a fact, you will/have been and are being disappointed and possibly are feeling like you are just the one person that God has chosen not to bless, of course we know nothing could be further from the truth.

Or you may be saying to yourself, that can’t be true, even the bible says to call those things that are not as though they were, I would encourage you to reread the scripture in Romans 4:17 which shows that the scripture is referring to God himself.

God’s Requirement for Manifestation

…can be found in the book of Job.

Our God is one of Law and Order, he is a God of covenants, and agreements. His promises are conditional on ifs and thens. Most of us know the story of Job, where Satan was allowed to afflict Job, in order to test him; he was tried, tested and eventually his end was better than his beginning. In Job 22: 23 we see that if Job did what he was instructed to do, then he would receive wealth, protection, restoration,the ear of God. In verse 28 God gives Job the authority to decree a thing and have it be established. So, what does that mean, a decree is defined as an official order issued by a legal authority (I googled it). 

My one desire is to save you from the snare that I fell into, by not studying Gods word and avoiding vain teachings (2Timothy 2:15-16). Therefore my friends I implore you, to study His word, seek first the Kingdom of God, obey His commands for in them are the Keys to the Kingdom and to unlocking all that God has ordained for you before the beginning of the world.

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