Ditch the Elevator Pitch

Ditch the Elevator Pitch~Do This Instead

Back in the day ( which was actually a few short years ago), you were told than you needed to have a 30 second elevator speech prepared in order to pitch to your ideal client.

There are a few versions of the origination of the elevator pitch, but in a nutshell the object was to have a presentation or summary of your business, product or service condensed into a pitch that you would be able to give your boss, or potential client while confined to an elevator. Why listen to boring elevator music when they can hear a plan that could be potentially profitable right? On average you would have at least 30 seconds between floors, which gave you that amount of time to make your client fall in love with you and or the product you sell.

30 seconds does not seem like a long time.

and it really is not so don’t freak out when I tell you that you need to narrow that 30 second elevator pitch down to 8 seconds. Yes, you read it correctly, 8 seconds.

Here’s why

Recent studies have shown that the attention span of an average human is about 8 seconds, yes I said eight seconds. Can you imagine that. The attention span is a gold-fish is nine seconds, even they have us beat. With tens of thousands of bits of information being sent our way its hard to give our attention and focus for much more than that. We are living in a time where we are streaming content on out mobile devices, computers and television all at the same time. The competition for our time and attention is fierce. So that means if you want to get your business out there you have approximately 8 minutes to capture and hold the attention of your audience.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you maximize your 8 seconds

  • Prepare a 7 second statement that will cause your prospective client to engage

Create and practice a 7 second statement that will inspire intrigue, create curiosity or be somewhat entertaining. No one wants to waste their 8 seconds listening to a boring scripted sales pitch when there are so many pictures of cute kids and funny animals online. We want stories, entertainment and great personalities. Craft your pitch into a 7 second story that will encourage a further dialogue. Key to this is knowing your prospective client and understanding yourself how you can bring value to them by introducing the product or service.

  • Be the presentation of your Product, wear the brand

There are some products that are brands within themselves. Products like clothing and jewelry just to name a few, dress in such a manner that inspires others to want to know more about a particular item, in 7 seconds or less show them how they too can go online or visit your establishment to purchase the item. I can never say it enough, you are your brand, what you present to the world has the potential to attract others to do business with you. Don’t be afraid to stand out, in a pleasing way.

  • In 8 seconds explain how your product, service will make my life better, richer, easier, more attractive, healthier.

You have 8 seconds to share how your product or service can improve the quality of your consumers’ life. While we all rejoice in the fact that this business is your mission and your God-given purpose, and we feel how passionate you are about your business and how it changed you life, what has that got to do with why I personally should sign up, or purchase from you. Unless you are demonstrating how your experience DIRECTLY correlates with what you KNOW about me, then it’s best to start by sharing why I need or can benefit from what you have to offer.

A few key things to note is that you have to know and understand your target market before you can structure a message specifically for them. These are not hard and fast rules, as etiquette is not a set of rigid and structured rules, but rather guidelines to building systems that work for you as an individual. Whatever works for you and causes no harm to yourself or  others, Do that.

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