Confidence and the Corporate Naturalista

I am so inspired by the courage and confidence of women who trust in the knowledge, skills and abilities they posses, understanding that they are more that what society feels they should be and seeking to be appreciated for the talents and leadership they bring to an organization.

I myself have not given up what has been referred to as the creamy crack, I have given up my addiction to wigs and weaves ( somewhat)  and have embraced wearing a short style with my own hair. In the past, I like many of the women in my generation subscribed to the notion that in order to be professional and business like, you had to look a certain way.

Your mane had to be “Just for Me” straight without a hair out of place, anything less meant that you were not someone who was interested in furthering your professional career. It had been so programmed in my way of thinking that I actually tried to dissuade my teen daughters from going natural when they decided to transition. I feared that they would not be taken seriously or that they would be subject to ridicule from classmates and peers, surprisingly they stuck to their convictions and have never turned back-but I digress.

A few months ago I had to take a step away from the corporate world. It allowed me time to reflect and take a look at business and professionalism in a whole new light. I began to see fresh new faces in leadership and the world of entrepreneurship. I saw women who were embracing themselves and walking in their truth.

You too can walk in confidence by reflecting on these key tips:

Own Your Truth

At some point in your journey, you have to determine the vision for your life and determine how you want to present yourself to the world. Only you can decide what that looks like. I like the idea of writing the story of your life as you want it to be, what would your life look like if you could have, be or do anything you wish and begin to take action in that direction.

Know Your Stuff

We hear it all the time, master your craft, there are some people who still will judge you by what you look like rather than what you know. Make sure that you are so well versed in what you are presenting, selling, or servicing and they will want to do business with you if you showed up in your pajamas ( for the love of all thing etiquette, please don’t do that).

Do  What Feels Right

Only you can determine what that is. I think Mama O puts it best when she says it the decisions that you make bring you peace, you know you have done the right thing.

And just because you can be Classy, Elegant and Natural










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