Civility Leads to Customer Loyalty

Civility Leads to Customer Loyalty

I received this in the mail and it literally made my heart smile.

As an etiquette, professional I cannot tell you how much receiving this card meant to me and how much it elevated the senders’ status in my “people I do business with “category.

Just a little of the back story, I was researching products that I could use on my journey to restore my health when I happened upon a former colleague’s page extolling the virtues of her company’s wellness products. I reached out and was pleased with the sincerity and frank honesty in her recommendations. I felt that she was not just trying to make a sale, but genuinely interested in providing the best option to a potential client. That’s it. I’m sold and its chocolate flavored. Double Sold.

I received the product and so far, it seems to be doing what it claims to do, or perhaps it’s the whole placebo effect, in any event It works, so I’ll take it.

But if that was not enough, when I went to the mailbox to collect the endless sea of circulars, postcards and the bills not sent via email; what did I receive-a beautiful yellow card that included a handwritten note of thanks and appreciation. Immediately brightened my day.

Why did this handwritten note mean so much to me?

Well for one in this digital age of email, the sender had to expend a little more effort and energy to express her appreciation. She had to first purchase the thank you cards. When building a small business, one tries to keep expenses to a minimum, sending an email could have been used to express the same sentiments and would have cost nothing but a few minutes of time.

In addition to purchasing a card, the sender had to drive (I’m assuming) to the post office or local store to purchase the stamps to affix to the hand-written thank you card. More time, effort and energy exerted.

Finally, the sender had to walk, jog or drive to the mailbox to physically mail the card to be delivered. It may not seem like a lot but it truly means a lot to the person on the receiving end of such thoughtfulness.

Truly a refreshing display of CUSTOMER SERVICE and CUSTOMER APPRECIATION!

I would encourage and employ any and every business owner to run right out and order some thank you cards and make every day a customer appreciation day!

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