Do This Before You Market to Someone on Social Media

Do This Before You Market to Someone on Social Media

Do This Before You Market to Someone on Social Media



If I get one more total stranger hit my inbox with the- join my team, let me mentor you and make a gazillion dollars by 3:58 pm EST I do not know what I will do.

I get hit with the hey boo ( boo- really? that’s reserved for close friends and family) or the classic term of endearment, hey love, or if I am really lucky I get a Hey, how are you? then it’s straight into the pitch. Sign up for my marketing program, make a lot of money, and live happily ever after.

Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against network marketing, In fact, we all have heard of, have read about, or personally know individuals who have made their fortunes through direct sales or network marketing. I feel that for some people, an MLM direct sales model is a great way to become an entrepreneur and invest in a business for a low cost. It is a means for some to create a life and a living for themselves and the ones they love.

I’m here for it.

What I am not here for is the TOTAL lack of manners people display when contacting me to share the opportunity.

If you had taken just one moment to scroll through my profile, you would see that I am so into civility. I’m not looking for Emily Post Etiquette, but at least try to connect with your prospect.


Here are some tips on how to approach someone you wish to recruit to your business.

Know Who You Are Reaching Out To

If you are reaching out to me for the purposes of selling me a product or introducing me to a business opportunity, feel free to take a look at my page and see if my interests line up with your business opportunity. Please don’t try to engage me in the save the pig campaign when every post on my page is a picture of me eating a rack of baby back ribs. Facebook now has 2 billion users, I guarantee you that there are some other bookers who will sign up for your save the pigs campaign.

Establish A Connection

You have viewed my profile and you see that your product, service or business opportunity will bring some value to my life then please, by all means, hit me up. But please so not send me an email that says “send this email first…” at least take the time to remove the header or personalize the template email by personalizing it.

If indeed your product will bring me or my loved ones infinite health, wealth, and happiness then I would suggest telling me that in your initial email. ex. Hello Alerice, I ran across your profile and noticed that you love XYZ , I love XYZ too, and just like that a connection is made. A connection opens the door to continue the conversation, a conversation is what you need in order to pitch your product, program or service.

and finally

Have a Business Page

We had a great conversation and I am excited about what you have to offer, so I mosey on over to your page and I check out your page. Because of course I want to know who I am doing business with. If your Facebook profile is JustGotSavedButIBeInDeseStreets Jamilicka TundernedUp Jackson, then no ma’am. delete. If your pictures are of you laying half neked-yes neked with single dollar bills all over the bed, then no ma’am . Keep it professional-yes be authentic, be you and have fun, I’m all for it-but business is business. If you dont take yourself seriously. Then neither will I .

Please note that I am not being intentionally rude, but if you inbox or message me outside of those suggested guidelines,chances are I will not respond to your message. However if you have a product that you know aligns with what you see on my page, feel free.

All in love!





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