Strategies to Raise Your Child With Purpose

Strategies to Raise Your Child With Purpose

Strategies to Raise Your Child With Purpose


As I review this video filmed five years ago, I realized that the information I shared then is as relevant as it is now.

The key to raising children, especially our teenagers is to keep the lines of communication open. In my children’s book Zion the Mannerly Lion, there are questions that parents can ask their little ones that will encourage a conversation which will allow parents to teach  life lessons, such as how to identify a bully, how to make friends, sharing and social safety.

As children get a little older it’s not always easy to keep the conversation going.

Previous studies done by Erik Erikson reveal that children begin to learn to trust or mistrust their caregivers’ response to their basic needs.

As young as six years of age children learn how to set and achieve goals based on their parent’s positive influence as they interact/communicate with them. They still trust their parents based on previous experience and parents have a huge influence over their lives. However, as children go off to school or are exposed to information via peers or various media outlets, they begin to question and eventually parental influence diminishes.

Therefore, it is imperative to develop strategies to raising our children on purpose.

In this interview, I share some strategies that can help keep those lines of communication open. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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