How To Marry A Millionaire

How To Marry A Millionaire

How To Marry A Millionaire


I absolutely love Old Hollywood movies!

The actors were always dashing and debonair and the actresses were always elegant and glamorous.

One of my favorite movies is the 1953 comedy –How to Marry a Millionaire. The movie stars Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Munroe and Betty Grable three of Hollywood’s leading actresses.

The movie-without giving out too much information; weaves the story of how three women (tired of the living the life of wage earners) embark on a plan hatched by Lauren Bacall’s character to snag themselves a trio of millionaires and live a life of leisure and luxury.

What happens over the course of the film is both funny, controversial and thought provoking as I always seem to walk always from movies or books having learned a life lesson or garnered some food for thought.

As I watched these famous silver screen starlets put into action their plan to entice and attain wealth, I could not help but think about how it relates to my own quest for financial freedom.

Here are some key lessons I learned by watching this movie about the life skills required to execute a business plan to attract wealth.

You Must Plan.

The movie begins with Lauren’s character laying out the plan, albeit the plan was equivalent to that of a modern-day goal diggers’, it was a plan nonetheless. For you to achieve any type of success you must have a plan, if you are in business you need a business plan-it does not have to be a ten-page work of business genius, but you must know what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it, how and when you will achieve it and how will you measure the success of the plan. I agree with the plan to marry a millionaire as a wealth building plan about as much as I agree with the win the lottery plan. Especially when I read articles such as this one where it states that 70% of lottery winners are broke after five years.

Well I’m not in business for myself you say, doesn’t matter you still need a plan, a life plan -where do you want to be, where do you want to go, how are you going to get there and by when? Who is going to partner with you to keep you on track with your goal?

You Must Position Yourself Properly.

As a part of the scheme to snag a millionaire, the girls rented a snazzy fifth avenue apartment because of course to marry a millionaire, you must first meet a millionaire and to meet a millionaire, you must live, work, socialize where millionaires are?

I volunteer as a grant writer for an organization that provides training for a positive youth development program. Today I attended a meeting at a non-profit organization because I knew that grant writers and grant funders would be there, it was an excellent place to meet the people that I could share with and glean knowledge from, and perhaps contribute the little that I knew as well. By moving to a ritzy neighborhood, the ladies where in a unique position to meet their ideal candidate.  My point is that whatever your goals, interests and intentions are, you must surround yourself with like-minded people that will help you to move towards your goals.

You Must Look the Part.

There was a scene in the movie where the characters modeled a collection for a gentleman who tried desperately to woo (yes I said woo) one of the women. Each woman modeled outfits that were suitable for every occasion. As an etiquette instructor one of my favorite sayings, which I “adopted” from Ms. Renita Jackson of Jackson Etiquette  is that ‘one should always dress the way they want to be addressed.’ Every situation does not require formal dress, but every situation requires you to dress appropriately.  Knowing key pieces that your wardrobe should have ( according to your lifestyle), your body type and the color palette that most flatters your skin tone is the winning combination for a fabulously flattering wardrobe. Remember that it takes mere seconds for someone to form an opinion of you and to decide if they will choose to engage.

All the women in the movie where very beautiful and glamorous, the character played by Marilyn Munroe was self-conscience about her glasses and did not feel confident enough without them until she received affirmation from outside of herself. I would say to you that nothing looks more, glamorous, more attractive on a woman than when she wears the garment of confidence.  You can of course take on the motto of if you’ve got it, flaunt it. But, as the saying goes, when you look your best and feel your best you tend to be at your best.

You Must Act the Part.

I always say that we may not always know where the path of life may lead us, however with proper etiquette training, we can certainly be prepared when we get there. In decided on your goals and surrounded yourself with like-minded individuals, you may realize that you are being drawn out of your comfort zones. You will inevitably meet new people, with different, customs, cultures and beliefs. How will you interact with those individuals? Will you be able to meet up with them for a formal dimmer where there are more knives on the table than there are in an artillery. Will you know how to present yourself and others in a manner that displays confidence and self-esteem without an air of arrogance.

In watching the movie its seems that the cast had an innate sense of protocol and decorum, of course it is just evidence of the times where people were all a little more formal and there was more of a ceremony to life.  All of which was learned as we know, no one has born knowing the difference between American and Continental forms of dining.

If you are a classics buff like me then I highly recommend watching this movie. You can probably rent it at your local library, google it , or search it on Amazon. There are so many life lessons embedded in the storyline. Such as one intriguing key to generational wealth.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the movie, please drop me a line and let me know your thoughts.

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