Reading: Steve Harvey's Jump

Reading: Steve Harvey’s Jump

Reading: Steve Harvey’s Jump


Jump or Be Pushed

I read Steve Harvey’s book Jump, after I was pushed.

The best way I can describe being pushed was best described in this video where Bishop T. D. Jakes talks about how an eagle mom will push her babies out of the nest in order that they would do what they were created to do.


In Steve Harvey’s Jump he is outlining several key steps and practical action items that helped him with his jump. The book is written in a way that takes his readers on a journey with him through the bright hills and dark valleys that led him to where he is today. It was for me a story of fortitude fueled by faith.

Here are some valuable lessons I learned and some Keys to Steve Harvey’s Success via JUMP:



Without giving away too much of the story, Steve takes us on a journey of his early struggles and the events that led up to his first of many jumps. He speaks about the pain and self-doubt that he experienced. He also shares how he just kept moving forward, through the pain, the disappointment, the lack of support and funds-he kept it moving. Too often we get to a place where we feel that the life we planned for ourselves is not the life we have. While it’s ok to stop for a minute to reflect and reassess our strategy, it’s imperative that we do not remain in that place.  One of Steve’s biggest breakthrough’s came when he had contemplated giving up, but he decided to try one more time. He called his answering machine and the messages he received was instrumental in catapulting him to the next level. The key is to press reset and keep pushing.

Positive Outlook


One thing that stood out to me the most as I read this book was the tremendous amount of faith that the author had in himself and the vision, he was given for his life. Steve knew at an early age that he would be on television. He held to that dream and was determined to make it a reality, no matter how grim the circumstances of his life looked at any given time. Faced with many hardships such as homelessness did not serve as a deterrent to those dreams, but was fuel that fed the fire of Steve’s determination. He did not see his situation as setbacks but rather chose to see his setbacks as a predicator of his impending success.  The key here is to understand that all things are working for your good.

Pleasing Persona


Steve Harvey’s persona is one of authenticity and passion. He is genuine in the things that he shares and passionate in his message of living a life of abundance. His message to his Family Feud audience on January 13, 2016 was a passionate plea of encouragement to live rather than just exist.

When God created all of us, he gave us a gift. He never created a soul without endowing that person with a gift…The only way to soar is to jump. You have to take that gift that is packed away in your back-pack, jump off the cliff and pull the cord. Steve Harvey

You can view the video in its entirety here.

Steve’s Motivational Message

Steve also shares with us how true he is to himself as he takes us through one of the lowest parts of his journey and how he overcame the challenges face during the Miss Universe pageant. Sometimes doing the right thing does not always feel good, but the outcome is always for our good. Steve’s love for people has led him to platforms where he shares his message of faith in his own unique way, without conformity. The key is to be the best version of your authentic self.

Practical Applications


In reading “Jump”, I noted that there were practices that Steve observed that I am sure led to his success. One was that he has a vision board. A vision board is a picture or series of picture that portray the thing that you want to achieve. It may include goals, dreams, and material items. It is something that you visualize daily. If you can see it, and believe it, you can achieve it. This truly resonated with me , as I have a vision board and have seen things on the board come to fruition-it was a reminder for me to update my dreams and goals.

Another thing Steve write’s about in his book is his daily affirmations. Each Day upon waking, he connects with his source and sets the intention for the day. He outlines this affirmation in the book and stands on the faith of those things which he affirms. The key here is to be intentional.

In the days since I was pushed. I have been searching for the Why, for the answer to the question of what purpose do I have in serving humanity. Reading this book has led me one step closer to the answers to the question. I know that I was not placed here to be so busy making a living that I neglect to make a life. The same is true of you. God places a gift inside all of us, the gift is not for you….the gift is for us.










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